Updated Japan


Regions Affected: Kansai, Ryukyu

Rationale: Japan is quite underrepresented in NomadMania’s division based on the optimal and two additional divisions certainly address this imbalance. The western Ryukyu islands are needed as they are closer to Taiwan than to Japan, therefore conforming to our new rules.

Specific Changes / What you need to do next

This region is being split into Western (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) and Eastern (Nara, Wakayama). If you have been to the latter you will need to register this as the ‘old’ region remains in the new Western region.

The Ryukyu islands will now be split, with the main Okinawa group remaining, and the new region being the westernmost islands (Ishigaki), close to Taiwan. If you have been there, you will need to register them.